From New Orleans to Avant-Garde

JamieLogoJazz&Jazz aims to capture, share and promote the unique ethos of the early days of jazz. We treasure the origins of jazz, nowadays referred to by some as New Orleans Revivalist Jazz. In the UK and Europe jazz steered a somewhat different path in the much loved Traditional Jazz era of the 1950s and 1960s but it was still based on early New Orleans jazz.

Sammy Rimington recently emailed me: “Hi Peter, You are doing a great job promoting the real traditional jazz and we are sure many other musicians are very thankful for all the time and work you put in.”

Jazz Has Evolved
But over the years, like other art forms, like it or not jazz has “evolved” and diverged into other directions. We have mainstream jazz, modern jazz, avant-garde jazz and improvised jazz.

In recent months, Jazz&Jazz has grown in popularity and these days I receive requests to help promote these different genres of jazz. So occasionally I will, particularly if I consider a musician or band is truly worthy of mention. After all, if they are skilled improvisers, surely they could be lured back to including real jazz in their repertoires.

JamieSmithFJamie Smith UK Jazz Pianist
One such musician who recently contacted me is Jamie Smith, a UK jazz pianist based in Edinburgh. He has released a new solo piano EP entitled “Kinesis – Four Improvisations on Piano”.

To discover more about Jamie and his music take a look at his online Kinesis pdf.

I’m sure Jamie would appreciate feedback on his music as would I. Particularly as nowadays I’m receiving more and more requests to feature all types of jazz, bands and musicians.

I am giving serious consideration to the impact this is having on Jazz&Jazz and even ways in which it can help in promoting our core aims. I will shortly announce my conclusions.

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