Not just any old festival, this is an Inspirational Jazz Fest!

All set for the 2013 Jazz Fest

Trevor Stent recently emailed me from Brittany, France, where he leads a successful traditional Anglo-French jazz group called “Good Time Jazz”. But that’s just the beginning!

He asked if he could join Jazz&Jazz and my facebook Jazzers Group. He went on to tell me about his involvement in “Fest Jazz”, a hugely successful jazz festival at Chateauneuf du Faou. In fact so successful that Just Jazz magazine dedicated a two page feature to the Jazz Fest in their November issue which is a must read.

So can Trevor join in on Jazz&Jazz and Jazzers? You bet he can! And I look forward to receiving contributions from him.

In fact, no chance of me saying ‘no’ when his bass player is my namesake Peter Butler. Nowadays better known as “Pikey” Butler, he originally hails from Kent where I first got into jazz all those years ago!

L to R: Peter Butler, Sophie Butler and Trevor Stent – All That Jazz

But that’s just scratching the surface! Dig deeper and you’ll find that Trevor’s Jazz Fest isn’t just a successful festival, it’s inspirational. Why? Because it appeals to youngsters – teenagers AND children. They are doing for jazz just what I pleaded for in the UK (and in the USA for that matter) in my August Just Jazz article: “I want to play jazz like that!” Analysing the Jazz Scene – Past, Present and Future”.

And then there is “Jazz à l’Ecole”! As Trevor explains: “For three years we have toured the local schools and given concerts but also explained the history of the music in the context of the history of the USA. In our local college here in Châteauneuf-du-Faou, jazz is now even integrated into the curriculum of the school.”

Starting young! (Photo©Bob Naylor

Who says nothing good comes out of France? With just a little Anglo influence admittedly. See for yourselves, watch this video:

I’ve said enough, especially as Trevor has offered to “write the occasional article” for Jazz&Jazz. So over to you Trevor  – tell us more about “Good Time Jazz”, the Chateauneuf du Faou Jazz Fest, the other bands at the festival and especially about next year’s festival to be held over the weekend of 26th, 27th and 28th July.

Go to: and hit the Union Jack top right for the English translation.
And: to view photographs of the 2012 Jazz Fest
Also Jazz Fest on facebook:

Impromptu Jam Session (Photo©Jocelyn Lecocq)


The Big Easy Rascals (Photo©Michel Guéchot)








En Plein Air (Photo©Jocelyn Lecocq)


Free spirits! (Photo©Jocelyn Lecocq)







A flower in her hair! (Photo©Philippe Le Sauze)












Starlight Ballroom! (Photo©Fest Jazz Châteauneuf du Faou)

In time to the music? (Photo©C.Vandier)









Dennis Harrison (Blue Mags), is organising a trip to Fest Jazz  next year.  The dates are 26th, 27th, and 28th July 2013. The cost is £300pp, based on two people sharing, which includes coach, ferry, hotel, stroller tickets for three days. Anyone interested should contact Dennis by email or phone.   Email address is [email protected]  and phone number is 07710881108. Numbers are limited to 50 places.


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  1. Trevor Stent says:

    Thanks for the write-up Peter! The programme for Fest Jazz 2013 will be announced from February onwards. There’s a lot of planning going on at the moment and it looks certain to be an exciting line-up! Brittany Ferries are again planning a special offer for festival-goers coming from the UK so watch this space!

  2. Edward Black says:

    I’m glad the world has advanced! In 1961/62 I was an ‘assistant’ = student teacher at the Collège de Garçons, Trouville-sur-mer in Normandy. I was playing a Louis Armstrong record to the senior class aged 14, writing the words on the blackboard, when the elderly principal came in and said “Monsieur Black, I don’t think that my boys should be listening to the words of an illiterate black American”. This created such protest and havoc among the teachers he put a partition around his desk in their common room.

  3. Peter Butler says:

    Thanks for the message for Trevor, Edward. Trevor, all the more reason to hasten a follow up on Jazz á L’Ecole.

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