JAZZ&JAZZ … Rebooting the Strategy!

Jazz&Jazz Features
 can have a far greater impact than
fleeting Social Media posts!


As Jazz&Jazz continues to grow I am reluctant to spend ever more hours reviewing and promoting events that Social Media already enables clubs, bands and musicians to promote for themselves. For instance, many already use my Facebook Jazzers Group for this purpose. In the UK there is also the monthly Just Jazz Magazine, The Jazz Guide and the Jazz Guide Website, not to mention other websites that carry comprehensive
lists of events.

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Hot off the Press: Just Jazz May 2018 Editorial Lamentations

The May issue of Just Jazz Magazine arrived this morning.
The Editorial caught my attention.

Please be sure to read the comments at the foot of this post. Imperative! A must!

It began “This month, Just Jazz celebrates 20 years of dropping through your letterboxes” and continued, quoting Jim McIntosh: “It would be wonderful to say here’s to the next 20 years. I really consider this a tad unlikely”. Today, “the average age of traditional jazz fans and musicians is about 70, so in 20 years’ time…”

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“When Shadows Fall”: Dedicated to a Lifelong Friend

Yesterday I was at the funeral of a lifelong friend.

Roger and I were at school together in our teens and got into jazz together soon after. Throughout our lives we shared adventures and then, back in 2008, we
re-discovered jazz – live jazz. Roger and his wife played crucial roles in inspiring me to launch this website.

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Tad Newton’s Jazz Friends: Remembering Alice

“Alice inspired and amused us and touched the hearts and minds of so many
who came into contact with her.”


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“Swannee”: Matt Palmer’s Aces of Rhythm

At The Walnut Tree Jazz Club

Blisworth, March 25th, 2018

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The Jazz Chicken!

Eddie Izzard to the Rescue!

My mind is in a state of turmoil!

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Introducing The Medway U3A Jazz Interest Group

Terry Johnson emailed Jazz&Jazz: “I am running a website for the
Medway U3A Jazz Interest Group
where U3A stands for ‘The University of the Third Age’.

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Heralding Fest Jazz 2018: A Joyous Jazz Jamboree …

“This year’s Fest Jazz is revving up for another amazing festival on the banks of the the River Aulne at Châteauneuf-du-Faou, Brittany, organised by Trevor Stent and his loyal, enthusiastic and talented young team …

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The New Orleans Ragtime Festival: 5th – 9th April

The New Orleans Ragtime Festival

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Celebrating Twenty Years of Just Jazz Magazine

The May edition of Just Jazz will mark the monthly magazine’s 20th Anniversary.

The April edition includes an article by Jim McIntosh (extracts below) reflecting on the Editorial Team’s experiences in publishing the magazine each and every month “in the face of adversity from the Internet”.

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