The New Orleans Ragtime Festival 2019

NEW ORLEANS, LA – April. 4-7, 2019 –The New Orleans Ragtime Festival is returning to America’s jazz city for the fourth year running. The four-day festival will span across multiple venues as it promotes the musical legacy of the Ragtime movement through performance and education.

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Best Remember April!

Hunkered down in my den this cold, stormy March day,
what better way to salve the mind
than thoughts of April!

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Fest Jazz Brittany 2019 Presents a Dream Line Up: 26th/28th July …

… Here’s how and why you should book quickly!

Gunhild Carling

Fest Jazz Welcomes Back Gunhild Carling!


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Jazz&Jazz Presents Henri Harrison & Lemsford Jazz Club’s Very Own Smiffy in a Washboard Extravaganza!

Gratitude and huge thanks to Smiffy’s son Mason for capturing this remarkable video of two Washboard Giants during Henri’s Hotshots March Sunday Lunchtime Gig at

Lemsford Jazz Club

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Frog & Henry Enthral Walnut Tree Jazz Club Fans

Midway through their exhilarating February UK tour Frog & Henry were resoundingly applauded by enthralled fans at The Walnut Tree Jazz Club, Blisworth, on
Sunday 10th February.

I met and filmed the band at Fest Jazz 2018 and at Blisworth I was able to film them for several more Jazz&Jazz YouTubes featuring their gripping performance which I feature below.

Their UK tour continues until Saturday, March 2nd. Visit Tour Dates 2019 for dates and venues.

Meantime, in no particular order, here is a selection of the Jazz&Jazz
Frog & Henry YouTubes filmed at The Walnut Tree.

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Jazz&Jazz Presents Then and Now YouTubes: “My Baby’s Crazy About Me”…

Pete Allen and his Hot Five livening up the show at Olney Jazz Club


The Fats Waller Original

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“The Dave Bartholomew Century” (Just Jazz Magazine)

The February issue of Just Jazz Magazine arrived this morning and a cover photo captioned “Dave Bartholomew 100 up!” immediately caught my attention.

So I quickly turned to the article on page 18 – “‘I did every god damned thing myself’
The Dave Bartholomew Century”
by John Swenson.

Flashback to April 2010 in New Orleans when timely good fortune led me to The Palm Court Jazz Café on Decatur Street to enjoy a wonderful performance by the great man. If only I had been filming for my Jazz&Jazz YouTubes back then. And yet, perhaps better, I painted his portrait.

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Jazz Musician Freddy C: “The Alcohol Problem Explained…”

TJ Johnson recently posted on Facebook very openly and honestly about
his problems with alcohol. 

This brought back memories of another very close jazz friend, Freddie Clayton. 

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Social Media & Suicides!

Thought for today: Social Media can be an extremely frustrating and even damaging trap. Time spent sharing posts and events on Facebook alone can detract us from, for instance, creating features on our own websites – in my case

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Two Jazz&Jazz YouTubes and a Photograph in Memory of Departed Friends

The Festive Season is over and 2019 beckons us onwards.
But as the years role by there is always time for reflection, memories
of splendid times gone by and of friends no longer with us.

That is why, for me, the following YouTubes and photograph are especially emotive. Trefor Williams on Big Bertha, his beloved bass, was a wonderful friend and my jazz mentor. He passed away just two years ago in 2017. And Roger Pout, my lifelong friend since early schooldays is in the audience applauding with Sammy’s dedicated fans. After a short illness, he joined departed jazz fans in February last year.

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