Brian Smith aka “Smiffy” is a Jazz Hero …

Come hook or crook he has kept jazz live and alive in Lemsford Village and before that at clubs in Welwyn Garden City year upon year.

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Tad Newton’s Jazzfriends Celebrate 35 Years of Sunday Lunchtime Jazz!

Tad Newton’s Jazzfriends along with Celebrity Guest Stars put on quite a show to celebrate
35 years of his Sunday Lunchtime Jazz Sessions: 1983-2018!

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Ewan Bleach Presents Frog & Henry at Fest Jazz 2018

Trevor Stent welcomed Ginny, myself and my Lens Camera to an exclusive event at
Fest Jazz 2018.


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Big Daddy Wilson Sings The Blues at Fest Jazz

Big Daddy Wilson was born over 50 years ago in a small town called Edenton,
North Carolina. Quitting school at 16, he joined the US Army in Germany,
where fell in love with the Blues.

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A Very Mean Sax: Jazz Portrait In Memory of Vocalion’s Ivan Gandon

I was truly saddened to read Pete Lay’s obituary to Ivan Gandon in the pages
of the September, 2018, issue of Just Jazz Magazine.

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“Japanese Satchmo” Honoured in Jazz Birthplace of New Orleans!

Sammy Rimington introduced me to Yoshio and Keiko Toyama some ten years ago at jazz session Chilham, Kent, during the UK Tour with his
International Jazz Band.

Bonds of Friendship! Sammy Rimington with Yoshio Toyama (Photo © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

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The Shake’Em Up Jazz Band – Star Performers at Fest Jazz 2018

The Shake ‘Em Up Jazz Band: left to right Haruka Kikuchi (trombone), Marla Dixon (trumpet), Chloe Feoranzo (clarinet), Defne Incirlioglu (washboard), Molly Reeves (guitar), Julie Schexnayder (bass)

Festival Organiser Trevor Stent messaged me: “For me the Shake’Em Up Band is the best band in the world at the moment (big statement but I believe it)”. So I counted it a massive privilege to film much of Shake’Em Up’s main marquee concert at Fest Jazz 2018.

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Count Down to Fest Jazz 2018 Announcing the Tal Ar Pont Prelude

Barely three weeks to go until the

Grand Fest Jazz launch at Tal Ar Pont

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Calling all Jazz&Jazz and Social Media Followers…

When I launched Jazz&Jazz back in 2009 and subsequently my related
Social Media and YouTube channels, I hadn’t anticipated that interest in my
‘Campaign for Jazz’ would reach such heights.

So much so that I’m concerned that the workload involved in keeping up with this increased online activity and the financial implications might result in the need to curtail aspects of my campaign.

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Featuring the Covent Garden Marching Band Heading the Parade for the 30th Annual Rent Collecting Ceremony

A Parade and Ceremony of

Spectacular Proportions



New Orleans Eat Your Heart Out!

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