In Lieu of Live Jazz 11: With Adrian Cox in The Crypt

Jazz&Jazz continues to compensate
for the Coronavirus Live Jazz Blackout with selections from earlier Jazz&Jazz YouTubes. Enjoy!

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In Lieu of Live Jazz 10: “Buddy’s Habit”

Jazz&Jazz continues to help compensate for the
Coronavirus Live Jazz Blackout
with selections from our earlier live jazz YouTubes. Enjoy!

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Barry Palser – A Tribute

I learned from John Petters earlier today the sad news that
Barry Palser has passed away.

The news came as a stunner because his band was one of the first
I followed, photographed and filmed when I got back into jazz some
15 years ago.

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In Lieu of Live Jazz 9: Jazz&Jazz Confronts the Coronavirus Live Jazz Blackout. Enjoy!

Girl of My Dreams!

Jazz at The Bedford Golf Club, Thursday, 2nd May, 2014.
Gene Austin’s “Girl Of My Dreams” (1928) features “Slide By Slide”.

Kevin Grenfell (trumpet), Richard Leach (trombone), John Fellows (bass), Graham Smith (drums) and Simon Banks (piano). Enjoy the repartee!

Peter M Butler

(YouTube © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

Watching Google Ads on Jazz&Jazz YouTubes Helps Support Jazz!

“Your YouTube features are all great and
cheer everybody up enormously. So glad
you can get some income from
Google advertising.”

Tim Wacher, Covent Garden Marching Band.

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Featuring Jazz&Jazz YouTube No 8 – Colin Kingwell’s Jazz Bandits …

… to counter the Coronavirus live jazz blackout.

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Tin Roof Blues in lieu of Live Jazz 7: Jazz&Jazz Confronts Coronavirus

Dennis Vick’s Fenny Stompers always enjoy the fun of jazz,
even when there’s a touch of rebellion in the ranks!

Here they are playing Tin Roof Blues at
Smiffy’s (Brian Smith’s) Peartree Jazz Club,
Welwyn Garden City.
Dennis Vick, clarinet; Dave Arnold, bass;
Paul Roberts, trumpet; Ken Joiner, drums;
Richard Leach, trombone; & Brian Vick, banjo.

Their jovial repartee encapsulates the jazz club atmosphere,
compensating for current Coronavirus live jazz setbacks.

(Courtesy of Brian Smith aka “Smiffy”)

Peter M Butler

(YouTube © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

Tragically Cancelled: 2020 Fest Jazz Châteauneuf-du-Faou

It is with huge regret that Trevor Stent needed to request Jazz&Jazz to post this announcement.

Just to tell you all that we have decided to cancel Fest Jazz 2020 in Brittany. The situation is just too uncertain to risk it.  All the other festivals in July in the region have been cancelled and even if the festival was allowed to take place, they will almost certainly insist on everyone wearing masks and standing 2m apart, which is not exactly the kind of atmosphere we want!

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Jazz&Jazz YouTubes In Lieu of Live Jazz: No 6

Confronting the Coronavirus Black Out Continued.


A Barry Palser Savoy Jazz Band Special

Alan Gresty (Cornet}; Tony Pitt (Banjo) & Tony Teale (Reeds)
in a stunning rendering of Bix Beiderbecke’s “Davenport Blues”!
(Courtesy of Brian Smith aka “Smiffy”)

Peter M Butler

(Photos, Prints & YouTubes © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

Jazz&Jazz YouTubes Confront the Coronavirus Black Out / Part 5…

In Lieu of Live Jazz Continued!

A Star Studded Event

Or as Tad Newton put it, “Mellifluous Christmas Frolics” at
The Walnut Tree, Blisworth, packed with fans for the event.
Starring Gary Wood (trumpet), Ronnie Fen (drums),
Alan Haughton (piano), Tomas Pedersen (bass)
and Tad on trombone.
Plus special guests Denise Gordon (jazz and gospel vocalist),
Roy Williams (trombone) and Zoltan Sagi (clarinet/saxophone).

Peter M Butler

(Photos, Prints & YouTubes © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)