Barry Palser’s Super Six Jazz Band – Flashback to Jazz At The Bedford – May 2014


Dr Jazz was written by Joe “King” Oliver in 1926. This rendition by Barry Palser’s
Super Six Jazz Band dates back to 27th March, 2014, and a full house at
The Bedford Golf Club.

Barry Palser (trombone), John Crocker (sax and clarinet, vocals, ex Chris Barber Band), Alan Gresty (trumpet and vocals, ex Monty Sunshine Band), Harvey Weston (bass, ex Alex Welsh Band), and Tony Pitt (banjo, ex Kenny Ball, Terry Lightfoot Bands) plus Barry’s own dynamic drummer, John Tyson.

Posted courtesy of Tad Newton and Bedford Golf Club.

Why not compare it with Jelly Roll Morton’s 1926 recording:

Peter M Butler
Moderator Jazz&Jazz

© Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz


  1. I thought Jelly Roll Morton wrote this. Us old New Orleans musicians know what it referred to.

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