International Jazz Artist Greg Abate Stars At The Walnut


  PRESENT GREG ABATE PRESS RELEASE Greg Abate, jazz saxophonist, flutist, composer, continues as an international jazz/recording artist with 150/200 days a year touring the globe. In the mid 1970’s, after finishing a four year programme at  Berklee College of Music, Greg played lead alto and arranger for the RAY CHARLES … [Read more...]

Plymouth Jazz Club’s Autumn Programme Features Red Hot Bands


Founded 1984 Plymouth’s Premier Jazz Venue Jazz&Jazz is delighted to support Plymouth Jazz Club in their 30th Anniversary Year. Founded in 1984, the Club’s September/October Programme fully endorses their longstanding goal of Keeping Jazz Live and Alive *** *** *** Sunday, November 2nd • 7.00 for … [Read more...]

Tad Newton Presents JAZZ AT THE CASTLE, Wellingborough


    Photos © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz … [Read more...]

Seaside Shuffle Cinque Port Jazz


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Keeping Jazz Alive: Digby Joins the Fray!

Digby Fairweather and Julian Mark Stringle

  Ahead of this site’s “Keeping Jazz Alive” series, Digby Fairweather  joined the fray as early as September, 2012, with an excellent article in The Telegraph entitled “Why we must fight to keep jazz alive.” The Telegraph introduced the feature: “Digby Fairweather, a renowned British jazz writer and musician, says it is … [Read more...]

Frogs at The Walnut: This Sunday, 26th October!


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Continuing the Debate: KEEPING JAZZ ALIVE


  Early in October I posted three features on Jazz&Jazz: Keeping Jazz Alive: Part 1: “Our audience is dying and there is little we can do!” Part 2: Sammy Rimington: “In The Upper Garden” Part 3: Outstanding London Debut For Young Catalonian Jazz Star Andrea Motis Following that, I opened the features up to debate on … [Read more...]

Undecided? Anything but, as Adrian Storms Back into Action!


  This post features the third in my current trilogy of YouTubes welcoming Adrian Cox and his Quartet back on the London and UK jazz scene. Great to have you back on sax and clarinet Adrian. Your powers have not diminished one iota! Come to that, nor have your vocals! Against purported conceived odds, your Quartet, along with other … [Read more...]

A Nightingale Echoes From The Crypt


  OK, Let's get cryptic! If that's what it takes to focus on our emerging new generation of jazz bands! Because that's just what Jazz&Jazz intends in a new series of posts focusing on an unfolding UK jazz revival. It was my immense pleasure to film Adrian Cox and his Quartet plus Tom Kincaid putting on a great show at Café In … [Read more...]

Jazz & Dine at The Walnut Friday 24th October with Karen Sharp


……… and Tad Newton's Jazzfriends!   … [Read more...]