By Special Appointment: Frog & Henry and The Tuba Machine in The Ellington Room, Noon, Sunday 10th February

The Walnut Tree Jazz Club, Blisworth

“I very much enjoy how candid your YouTube “Featuring Ewan Bleach with Frog & Henry at Fest Jazz 2018″ is. It perfectly captures that moment at Fest Jazz, which happened to be my favourite!” (Ryan, Frog & Henry)

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Ryan, it was my privilege to film “Frog & Henry” for Jazz&Jazz at Fest Jazz last year. And now I’m elated to be able to announce your gig at Tad Newton’s Walnut Tree Jazz Club in The Ellington Room at Blisworth, Northants, during your February UK tour.

UK Jazz Fans, this is an event simply not to be missed. So to persuade you to get your skates on and book quickly here is my Jazz&Jazz YouTube mentioned by Ryan.

“Trevor Stent welcomed Ginny, myself and my magical Lens Camera to an exclusive event at
Fest Jazz 2018. The occasion, an Ewan Bleach / Frog & Henry party which also featured Dave demonstrating the intriguing “Tuba Machine” by simultaneously playing tuba and banjo.”

Contact Tad Newton for further details:
Tel 01604 858549
email: [email protected]

Peter M Butler
Editor Jazz&Jazz
(Photos & YouTubes © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

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  1. norman gibson says:

    I was sitting along to the right side from you when you made this video, and I too couldn’t get hidden Ryan (FH Henry) into view either ! Shame ! Sorry to Tad that I can’t make a first time visit his Walnut Club for this F & H gig, but fully intend getting there for my first meeting with the amazing new young band from Edinburgh, the Tenement JB on June 19th. Really good to see Tad treating his audiences to the new young bands on the jazz scene. Norm888

  2. Paul Goddard says:

    The headline could just as easily have been “NEW ORLEANS comes to BLISWORTH”, which is something quite exceptional, and Norman is right – Tad really does deserve congratulations for booking them, and other emerging young bands.
    Exact line-up may differ from pictures – eg I would not expect to see Dizzy (from the Shake ’em Up JB, over the back on washboard in at least on of the photos), but London based Ewen Bleach is very likely, and is totally at home in the band, to the extent that i wondered if he was ‘Frog’ the first time i saw them!
    Hope the TUBA MACHINE is there, allowing us to see/hear a SOLO that is also a DUET – Banjo AND Tuba.
    Come early as it may well draw the full house it deserves.

  3. Peter Butler says:

    Hi Norman, having read your comment I’ve update and added to the post. An additional photo and another Jazz&Jazz YouTube. Plus a link to their full UK tour.

  4. norman gibson says:

    For Paul’s info, and many others who should be queuing up to get into all the venues, North and South, the band line-up will be:
    Ewan Bleach London – Reeds, Piano, Vocals
    David Neigh Toronto – Tuba Machine, 6-String Banjo
    Laurin Habert Berlin – Reeds
    Kermane Aken – New Orleans – Violin, Vocals
    F H Henry Toronto/NOLA – Guitar, Vocals
    Spread the word

  5. Peter Butler says:

    Norman, given our exchange of messages, I’ve made changes to the feature reflecting your further input and our shared thoughts. All power to Frog & Henry and to Tad Newton’s support for our younger generation of Jazz Bands.

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