Gwyn Lewis – First Up On Jazz&Jazz YouTubes!

Good fortune ensured that I met and photographed the exuberant and popular
Gwyn Lewis on several occasions before he fled UK shores for Stockholm, Sweden.
Even better fortune that I filmed him for YouTubes at one of his last appearances
with New Orleans Heat before he deserted UK shores.

Now good fortune prevails again because he has just joined my
Facebook Jazzers Group. You are very welcome, Gwyn.

But about that YouTube! It was in fact the very first I filmed at a jazz event after acquiring
my magical Sony Lens Cameras. So Gwyn, you could say that you and the band were
among my guinea pigs!

This fits right in with my plan to feature more of my earlier jazz YouTubes on Jazz&Jazz over the coming months. Plus it’s a fun YouTube suitable for Xmas cheer. So please forgive the truncated ending and the occasional beginners glitches – not Gwyn’s, mine!

I messaged Gwyn: “Hi Gwyn, before you deserted to Sweden I photographed you at Hemsby. Then when I took to creating YouTubes back in 2014 I filmed you for my very first Jazz YouTube at The Peartree in Welwyn Garden City. Irony or total coincidence that just this morning I had decided to feature this first YouTube again.”

Gwyn also has a home in and makes frequent visits to Wales.

Peter M Butler
Editor Jazz&Jazz

(Photos & YouTubes © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

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