I launched Jazz&Jazz back in April 2011, inspired by a visit to the
2010 New Orleans
 French Quarter Festival.

Since then interest in the site has increased exponentially.

I also launched a YouTube site featuring the jazz movies I film. This, along with my Facebook Jazzers Group and Linkedin pages, have continued to expand exponentially. So much so that I’m now hard pressed to keep up with them all.

This brief message is sent from the heart! I need help!

I have taken a look at various online fund raising schemes such as Facebook’s “Add a Donate Button” but none of them seem suitable or personable enough. So this is a direct appeal to my Jazz&Jazz friends and followers which I will share on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

There is a tiny Donate Button to the right of this post and in the right hand column of each page on Jazz&Jazz.

I am very reticent in appealing for funds in support of my efforts – even embarrassed. But now this is essential – urgent – if I am to keep the flag flying. Family, friends, followers and fellow jazz fans are even pressing me to do so. Recently I publicised a fund raising feature for the New Orleans Jazz Museum and their Director then recommended I do the same for Jazz&Jazz. Just today I received another message urging me to “monetise” my YouTubes. Earlier I did include ads on the YouTubes but Google changed the rules. Invariably the ads were ignored and any case they were a distraction.

“Say, don’t you remember, I’m your pal
“Buddy, can you spare a dime?”
Bing Crosby

So please, Jazz Fans and followers, click on Donate in the column to the right and
spare a dime or two!

Peter M Butler
Editor Jazz&Jazz
email: [email protected]

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