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Jazz&Jazz Features
 can have a far greater impact than
fleeting Social Media posts!


As Jazz&Jazz continues to grow I am reluctant to spend ever more hours reviewing and promoting events that Social Media already enables clubs, bands and musicians to promote for themselves. For instance, many already use my Facebook Jazzers Group for this purpose. In the UK there is also the monthly Just Jazz Magazine, The Jazz Guide and the Jazz Guide Website, not to mention other websites that carry comprehensive
lists of events.

Jazz&Jazz YouTubes
My preference is to post targeted, analytical features on Jazz&Jazz, and to photograph and film bands and musicians for my Jazz&Jazz YouTubes, many of which are included on this website. To date, my Jazz&Jazz YouTube Channel features over 850 YouTubes with over 830 subscribers, increasing almost daily – many of which are yet to be featured here on Jazz&Jazz. This gives publicity not only to the bands and musicians, but also to the venues they play at.

Jazz&Jazz Features
Features, including photographs and YouTubes, posted on Jazz&Jazz can have a far greater impact than fleeting posts on overcrowded social media sites where they soon disappear way down the list. Plus I also make a point of linking Jazz&Jazz features to Social Media outlets in support of musicians, bands, clubs and festivals.

Readers can respond by using “Speak Your Mind” at the foot of each feature and they frequently do – without holding back. For instance, take my recent feature: Hot Off The Press: “Just Jazz May 2018 Editorial Lamentations”  which evoked a list of reactions in very short time.

Musicians, bands, clubs and festivals can link to any of my Jazz&Jazz features and YouTubes to add impact to promotions of their own events on their websites or on Social Media. I can provide “Short Links” for this purpose.

Promotions on Jazz&Jazz
I will always consider new requests for promotions on Jazz&Jazz. But I need to cover production costs as well as finance the overall expenses involved in running this site. So, from now I will charge for promotional features. There are a number of features which regularly appear on Jazz&Jazz for certain bands, clubs and festivals which are already financed by contributions.

Why Now?
Since launching my Jazz&Jazz YouTubes I had just begun, pathetically slowly, to build up revenue to help cover costs by including Google Ads on the YouTubes. But when Google recently revoked such funding this fell through – see “Google Advertising Withdraws Revenue”

I have to say I wasn’t too displeased about this as I felt the ads, almost insultingly, infringed upon the music and so on the “Joy of Jazz”.

The Bottom Line
So here’s the bottom line! As of now, contributions will be required for requested features and posts on Jazz&Jazz.

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I would very much appreciate your thoughts and comments on this post. Meantime, to my many appreciative followers, please also become supporters by using this handy Donate Button.

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Thanks go to those who have already contributed and I promise that all contributions will be used wisely in support of jazz – and accounted for!

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor
Jazz&Jazz & Art & Verse
2nd May, 2018

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