Tad Newton’s Jazz Friends: Remembering Alice

“Alice inspired and amused us and touched the hearts and minds of so many
who came into contact with her.”



“We are the proudest family for having had her in our lives for an all too short 21 years.  But after a gruelling twelve months she is now truly resting in peace.” 

“This is the moment we always dreaded and prayed would never come.  The time when we have to say that sadly, despite her strength, positivity, determination and resilience, this wretched disease got the better of our dear, sweet, beautiful little Alice.

“It is a tragedy that we are not going to see any further blog posts that have kept us all so captivated and rooting for her whilst she soldiered on without complaint.  She has inspired and amused during this ‘slog’ of hers and has touched the hearts and minds of all those that came into contact with her over the past months.

“Thank you all for your wonderful comments.  She read every single one and was so flattered by the response to her writing.  Against all the odds she managed to complete her English Literature degree from her hospital bed and I am sure you will not be surprised to learn that she managed to attain a 2:1.  We were fortunate enough to be able to show her the certificate a couple days before she died.” (Alice’s parents)

Tad Newton’s Jazz Friends are humbled to feature at this fundraiser on behalf of Cafod and The Antony Nolan Trust for people suffering from blood cancer. Alice was one of Tad’s school pupils and he was particularly moved to be asked to help the cause in her name.

Tel: Anne Marie Newton: 01604 858549
or Father Brendan Killeen: 01604 768483
Mail: [email protected]

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

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  1. tad newton says:

    PLEASE help me support these 2 very worthy causes..both close to my heart..Alice was an ex pupil of mine and an absolute delight to teach! Just ring for tickets!
    Tad Newton

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