Urgent Message to Jazzers Worldwide: Google Advertising Withdraws Revenue

Google have kindly informed me:


Hi Jazz & Jazz,

“As you probably heard, we recently announced updates to the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). We made these changes to address a spike in abuse on YouTube by bad actors like spammers, impersonators, and re-uploaders. Our goal is to ensure a healthy ecosystem where original creators can grow and thrive.

“As of today, your channel, Jazz & Jazz will no longer have access to monetization tools associated with YPP because it doesn’t meet the new threshold of 4,000 hours of watch time within the past 12 months and 1,000 subscribers. If you meet the new threshold at some point in the future, you’ll be automatically re-evaluated for YPP.”

I responded to YouTube:
“I use YouTubes to promote Jazz. Not popular enough huh!? Here’s my website: https://www.jazzandjazz.com. It’s the jazz that counts but the snippets of ad revenue I had been receiving helped me finance the cause. But “not a lot” mind you.

“Rest assured I will continue to upload my Jazz&Jazz YouTubes because they are now well accepted in the jazz community worldwide.”

So, An Urgent Message to Jazzers Everywhere
With this source of income gone, pitiful though it has been, I need more than ever to raise funds to help me finance my cause and Celebrate the Joy of Jazz. Gradually donations are trickling in.
I say trickling but it’s still a darn site better than Google Ad revenue. So a big thank you to those who have donated to date via the Donate Button in the right hand column. Please keep the donations coming. I realise accountability is vital and assure you that as donations mount up I will report back on progress, perhaps even appealing for increased donations.

Back in November, 2015, I posted that “I have another ambition very close to my heart – and that is, far fetched though it may sound, for Jazz&Jazz to play some kind of roll in giving momentum to featuring UK tours for bands such as Tuba Skinny and the St Andreu Youth Band alongside our own great young jazz bands. Plus even the brilliant young bands emerging across Europe and those
Will Friedman featured in a Vanity Fair article.”

Nowadays, Jazz&Jazz frequently features such bands, the latest just a few days ago:
The Frog & Henry Trio.

Yet there is a huge plus in the withdrawal of Google Advertising income!
Frankly I didn’t like those ads plastered upfront on each of my Google YouTubes and I’m sure fans and followers of Jazz&Jazz found them irritating. They interrupted the flow of the music – for what, a pittance! Not only that but the procedure required to upload them was time consuming and irritating. So Jazz Fans, the Jazz&Jazz YouTubes will continue, but you will no longer have to tolerate Google Ads on any of them.

But please, “let’s get down to business” and use the handy Donate Button in the column
on the right. I promise to be accountable as funds increase.

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

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