On 31st July I posted “Promoting Jazz via Jazz&Jazz.com and it’s Associated Websites”. The subhead read “JAZZ&JAZZ: Helping Keep Jazz Live and Alive!”

I added “Please watch out for an announcement soon on another Jazz&Jazz Campaign to achieve these goals.” 

This is that announcement
There is the flawed belief that Jazz is past its sell by date. A fan recently commented, “The vast majority of those who go to Jazz Festivals are mostly OAPs on limited finances. So it’s fair to say that the vast majority of those visiting festivals throughout the country tend to be very selective and want best value for money. I am afraid festivals and clubs will struggle to survive as the number of Jazz supporters dwindle year on year”.

Jazz&Jazz persistently contests this belief by featuring new bands, young bands hitting the jazz circuits – in the UK, Europe and the USA.

Struggling Clubs
The editorial in the August issue of Just Jazz Magazine addressed the “mixed reports as to how our jazz clubs are faring”. Jazz&Jazz features various clubs, some struggling, others successful.

I recently exchanged views with a band leader based on the Continent. He tours clubs in the UK annually but tells me that the drop in attendances is noticeable.

A musician recently commented to me: “maybe there are too many weekly clubs and Jazz weekends, and people simply cannot afford to attend all, so obviously are becoming more selective. Whereas on the continent, most clubs are monthly or in some cases, even three monthly, thus being a lot easier on peoples’ pockets, and also because they are not so frequent, they get better bands. Then, of course, the ‘cherry pickers’ descend, as they do – ‘don’t like that – too modern bla bla.’ But the Modernists seem to be more tolerant than the Traditionalists.”

Another prominent issue frequently aired is the seeming impossibility of organising UK tours for top rate overseas younger bands.

So where am I heading with this?
Due the success of Jazz&Jazz and my Social Media support sites, pressure on my time and finances is becoming stretched. It’s not just keeping the site up to date but expectations for me to continue promoting gigs, festivals, clubs and events to maximum effect and to film them for my YouTubes.

As Jazz&Jazz coverage increases incrementally in quality as well as quantity so do costs – travel, photography, equipment, videos, subscriptions, booking and ticket prices.



The Indiegogo Fund Raiser Approach
Although I state on Jazz&Jazz that I would welcome contributions towards my costs I’m not keen on this approach.

So I am exploring the potential of an Indiegogo Fund Raiser, specifically for music, to support and help expand the aims and outreach of Jazz&Jazz.

I would very much appreciate your views and opinions on an Indiegogo Fund Raiser as a way forward. Especially as one of the keys to Indiegogo success is to lobby up front support.

If this route proves successful, besides supporting Jazz&Jazz, it could result in sufficient funds to help finance specific jazz ventures – perhaps even tours and brand new festivals dedicated to young jazz bands and musicians.

Another massive plus is that an Indiegogo Fund Raiser would reach way beyond the jazz community, helping to publicise jazz far and wide.

I would appreciate your views on this in “Speak Your Mind” below or email me: [email protected]

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

PS I have spoken to a friend who has successfully used Indiegogo. He has taken a look at Jazz&Jazz.com and considers it good for a fundraiser.

“JAZZ&JAZZ: Helping Keep Jazz Live and Alive!”

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  1. Norman Gibson says:

    I noted a couple of weeks back that London’s main venue for the best in Gypsy Jazz Manouche is asking, on their website, for help with funding !!

  2. Norman Gibson says:

    Sorry Peter, I left out the venue name :- ‘LE QUECUMBAR’ Norman

  3. Peter Butler says:

    If we can work miracles, we will! Who knows!!!

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