Jazz&Jazz Introduces High Quality YouTubes


Back in November last year I posted a YouTube entitled “Tad Newton’s Jazz Friends Live at The Peartree”. I was far from happy with the quality I require on Jazz&Jazz.

I’ve now added the following description about that video on YouTube:

“NOTE: Taken on my iPhone, this YouTube does not match the quality I now achieve on my iPhone/Sony Carl Zeiss Lens Camera. Recently released, it revolutionises videoing with a compact zoom lens operated by the iPhone (or iPad) by a simple App providing local WiFi connection. Crystal clear imaging along with a powerful zoom, the compact, versatile iPhone/ Sony lens combination now allows me to discretely film the top quality YouTubes I require for Jazz&Jazz – to support my aim of KEEPING JAZZ LIVE AND ALIVE! ”

You can view this YouTube at: http://youtu.be/h2IzZ2bADKg but please compare it with my subsequent YouTubes, even those taken in difficult club/stage lighting confines. I think you will agree the improvement is dramatic. For instance:

When I Grow Too Old To Dream

Peter Mark Butler
Jazz&Jazz Editor and Proprietor 

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