Gambit Jazzmen Given A Warm Welcome Back to Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle

Barry Weston, Chris Marney, Dennis Armstrong, Pete Lay, Johnny Rodgers, Roger Link

Pete Lay’s Gambit Jazzmen have been star attractions at Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle since its launch in July, 2011. This year their return on Saturday, 13th July, was greeted not only by enthusiastic festival fans but also by the glorious evening sunshine. 

Johnny Rodgers

Fans were especially pleased to see Johnny Rodgers back with the band after his successful battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma. He is playing as well as ever much to the joy of his wife Cathy who risked a daring sky-dive to raise £5,000 for the Lymphoma Association.

Before the band’s arrival at The Small Boat Owners Club festival venue in Ramsgate rumours had been rife about a happy change in Pete Lay’s circumstances. But, as professionally laid back yet dynamic on drums as ever, Pete didn’t give any hint of what that might be. So we are delighted that Pete has given Jazz&Jazz permission to include a very special announcement from him in this post.

Barry Weston, the fastest bone in trad!

Dennis Armstrong












Chris Marney











Roger Link

Peter and Heather (Photo by Doris Bilokreli)

Courtesy of Pete Lay, Editor of Just Jazz











Photos © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz

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  1. Syd says:

    Congratulations to Pete and Heather on their forthcoming nuptials. I’m looking forward to having a pint with them this Saturday prior to The Gillingham game!

  2. Peter Butler says:

    Never been to a Gillingham game, Syd! But I’d join you for such an occasion to drink to the happy couple if only I could snatch the time!

  3. Alice Sibley says:

    Congratulations Pete and Heather so very happy for you.

  4. Syd says:

    I won’t be going to the game Peter, just hoping to meet Pete in the Cricketers before the match. Lived here in Gillingham for 28 years now and been to 4 matches…… Chelsea man I am!

  5. Syd says:

    Nice to see Dennis Armstrong in the pics, I’ve not seen him for years. Great player is Dennis Tha’ knowst!

  6. Peter Butler says:

    How do you think Jose will do second time around?

  7. Peter Butler says:

    I believe Dennis plays pretty regularly with the Gambit these days, Syd. He was at one of Seaside Shuffle’s monthly gigs last year:

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