Dave Rance’s Rockin’ Chair Band Rocks Peartree Jazz Club Fans

Whenever Dave Rance turns up at The Peartree Jazz Club, Welwn Garden City, which is pretty often, he always gets a warm reception even if he comes without his famed Rockin’ Chair Band. But when he turns up with the band the fans’ applause raises the roof!

Even more so when the band features a very special guest star, Peartree’s very own Smiffy (aka Brian Smith), the Club’s promoter and Master of Ceremonies, on washboard!

Dave’s gig on Monday, 19th November, was no exception. So much so that Rockin’ Chair gave their exuberant fans a full ten minutes extra time.

L to R: Derek Scofield, Mike Brewerton, Dave Rance, Henry Harrison, John Bartlett, Doug Parry, Brian Webb

Again, with Smiffy on washboard.

Spotlight on the strings and drums.

Spotlight on “Reverend” Mike Brewerton

Spotlighting Derek Scofield on bass sax.














Spotlight on Brian “Prince of Darkness” Bartlett and Doug “Hari Kari” Parry

Spotlight on Derek “Green Fingers” Scofield and “Earl of Flitwick” Dave Rance

Spotlight on Henry “Asbo” Harrison










Spotlight on “Captain” Brian Webb


Spotlight on “Washboard Rhythm King” Smiffy










Dave, John, Doug and Brian share the limelight.

(Photos © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

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