Tiger Rag from Dillington Jazz Week

John Petters posted this YouTube, “Tiger Rag (with drum solo) from Dillington Jazz Week” on my facebook Jazzers Group so I simply had to include it on Jazz&Jazz with the following comment:

“Great post, John, really enjoyed it. Pretty good YouTube quality too. I’m as loathe to post YouTubes or videos on Jazzers as on Jazz&Jazz.com due to dubious quality as I am to take poor quality videos at gigs and festivals myself to post on Jazz&Jazz. Only one complaint about this one – and it’s my usual gripe – why hide the drummer (in this case John himself) especially in the solo!”

Oh, and by the way, Jazz&Jazz.com gives an overview of the jazz scene – the bands, musicians and fans – rather than in depth analyses or indeed the likes of CD reviews. These are for other media.

But we do from time to time challenge the status quo – see “I want to play jazz like that!” 

I’ll search for a better photo of you John, but if you can let me have another  I’ll happily substitute it.




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