Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle Brightens up the Summer Blues

The 2012 Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle Festival featured a weekend of joyous traditional jazz helping lift the blues of our gloomy summer. There might not have been blue skies up above but there was rhythm and musical blues galore to lift the fans’ spirits.

So what better way to share the festival spirit than with a selection of photos of the bands and musicians who helped sweep away our cares.

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Friday, 6th July

Vocalion Jazz Band at Court Stairs


Ever popular with fans in Kent, Vocalion Jazz Band hail from Medway.
Left to Right: Ivan Gandon, Dennis Jenkins, Kenny Sanderson, Sam Weller (ldr) and Mark Alexander.

Kenny Sanderson on Banjo and Mark Alexander on Drums


Ivan raises the roof on vocals.










Festival fans on form.

The band with Gerry Birch on Sousaphone.


Saturday 7th July

John Myhill’s Seaside Shufflers at

The Belgian Cafe


L to R: Jonathan Pick on Drums; John Myhill on Guitar; Nick Capocci on Keyboard; Harry Cook on Bass.

Keyboard, Guitar and Bass.

A Rising Star: Sixteen year old Jonathan on drums.










Seaside Shuffle fans were made very welcome at The Belgian Cafe.


Bill Barnacle Jazz Band
At The Small Boat Owners’ Hall

The Band: Séan Maple, trombone; Trefor Williams, bass; Mike Marsh, drums; Bill Barnacle, ldr, cornet; Pete Rose, clarinet; David Barnet, keyboard.

Séan on trombone and Trefor on bass


Bill Barnacle on cornet.


Mike Marsh on drums; Bill on cornet; Pete Rose on clarinet and David Barnet on keyboard.


Trefor Williams’ Select Six
At The Small Boat Owners’ Hall
for “A Night in New Orleans”


The Band: Trefor Williams, bass; John Howlet, trombone; Jimmy Tagsford, drums; Peter Leonard, trumpet; Andy Maynard, banjo; Ian Turner, clarinet.

Presenting Trefor Williams, MC for your "Night in New Orleans"!

Stretching to the limit! John on trombone.










Andy on banjo. In full view!




Ian on clarinet.







Jimmy on drums. Also in full view for "Burgundy Street Blues".




Peter Leonard reached the high notes.








Sunday 8th July
Burt Butler’s Jazz Pilgrims
on Harbour Parade, Ramsgate Sea Front

Sadly due to the inclement weather the Brolly Parade had to be cancelled but the Jazz Pilgrims made up for that.

Burt Butler's Jazz Pilgrims brighten up the morning gloom!

Loyal fans put on their own brolly parade!

Star of the show! Betty Renz, jazz singer with style!










Band for Sale! Pavilion thrown in!


Sunday 8th July
The Jazz Advocates at Court Stairs

The Jazz Advocates

Bass and vocals

Intense on banjo










Brass ensemble.

Superlative saxophony.








Drummer at the helm!





The Jazz Advocates play regularly at The Bull Hotel, Wrotham, Kent. Telephone: 01732 789800 Email: [email protected]








Starring Colin Kingwell, leader, trombone; Peter Brooks, bass; Malc Murphy,  drums; Ron Rumbol, clarinet, sax; Dave Fawcett, banjo; Brian Bates, cornet.

L to R: Colin Kingwell, leader, trombone; Peter Brooks, bass; Malc Murphy, drums; Ron Rumbol, clarinet, sax; Dave Fawcett, banjo; Brian Bates, cornet.

Malc Murphy, drums

The maestro, Colin Kingwell.









Peter Brooks, bass

Brian Bates, cornet












Ron Rumbol, clarinet & sax

Dave Fawcett, banjo










Brian and Colin

Special friends! A quartet of young Swedish jazz fans. They won three raffle prizes but they purchased two Seaside Shuffle T-Shirts so they were made very welcome!

A grand farewell to Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle 2012 from the fans. See you next year!

Photos © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz. All rights reserved.

Email: [email protected]

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  1. Trefor Williams says:

    Congratulations to the organizers, helpers, supporters, punters, not forgetting the host of marvellous music-makers. There were some joyful noises spread around Ramsgate, and I hope the jazz gospel will continue to be blasted out for all with good ears and warm hearts. Well done and God bless you all.
    Trefor Williams.

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