Jazz Portrait: Laurie Palmer on Drums at Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle

Jazz Painting: Commissioned Portrait of Laurie Palmer on Drums

The jazz drummer is usually obscured back stage behind the trumpets, trombones and saxophones, yet he sets the beat for the band. But playing with Burt Butler’s Jazz Pilgrims harbourside in Ramsgate, Kent, during the 2011 Seaside Shuffle Traditional Jazz Festival, Laurie Palmer starred front stage, his drum kit on full display. Watch out for Laurie with Burt’s band on Ramsgate Harbour Parade in July most years during the
Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle Jazz Festival.

Jazz&Jazz fine art print of Laurie Palmer on Drums

Drums on the Prom

Bass Drum, Snare Drum,
Cymbals and Tom,
Full regalia on the prom,
Laurie Palmer takes Stage One.

Jazz&Jazz Copyright © 2011 Peter M Butler. All rights reserved.

Fine Art Giclée Prints of this portrait are available, with or without the descriptive poem. Simply email: [email protected] to place your order and help support jazz.

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  1. Peter Leonard says:

    Hi Peter,
    It was good to see you at Ramsgate over the weekend and, as usual, great you talking sense about three future of our music. Keep up the good work. Btw – love the paintings. All the best. Peter

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