Mike Pointon on Trombone

The Trombonist

Lips tightly pursed
Cheeks fit to burst
Eyes in a glaze
Instrument ablaze
The trombonist takes it away.

British Star of New Orleans Jazz, trombonist Mike Pointon lets rip with his Lakefront Loungers at the Ken Colyer Trust 2008 Autumn Jazz Parade in Hemsby, Norfolk. Full of enthusiasm, Mike is a mainstay on the UK Jazz scene, renowned for his sense of humour and individualistic, raffish style.

I chose my jazz painting of Mike Pointon as an early image for JazzandJazz.com not only because his happened to be my first jazz portrait but also because Mike is the UK parallel to New Orleans based Barry Martyn as a writer, jazz historian and broadcaster. His most auspicious work, in association with Ray Smith, is no doubt the biography of one of the greatest UK trad jazz stars, Ken Colyer. Only recently published, the book is entitled “Goin’ Home: The Uncompromising Life and Music of Ken Colyer”. Details at: http://www.btinternet.com/~jazzworld/goinhome.htm

Mike, “trombonist, musicologist and broadcaster extraordinaire”, along with pianist Ray Smith, worked and recorded with Ken Colyer over the years.

More in the style of a caricature, I think my jazz portrait captures Mike’s subtle flamboyance. When he first saw the portrait he commented to me along the lines, “That’s wrong! Trombonists shouldn’t puff out their cheeks like that! But I do! I shouldn’t, so you’ve got it right!” I know he’ll forgive me for mentioning this.

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