“Candy Lips”: Frog Island at Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle 2018 Summer Festival

Favorites at Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle, Frog Island Jazz Band are renowned for their renditions of classic New Orleans Jazz of the twenties and early thirties including the music of Clarence Williams.

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Ewan Bleach Presents Frog & Henry at Fest Jazz 2018

Trevor Stent welcomed Ginny, myself and my Lens Camera to an exclusive event at
Fest Jazz 2018.


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“Early In The Morning” The Piranha Brothers at Fest Jazz 2018

The Piranha Bothers voted on their Facebook Page that Fest Jazz, Châteauneuf-du-Faou,
“is the best Jazz and Blues festival in Europe!

We had the best time”. 

“The Piranha Brothers” are: Bryan Cox (bass/vocals); Rich Szatan (guitar/vocals);
Gerard Macé (drums); Christophe Petit (guitar).

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“The Little Man That Wasn’t There!” Mystified? …

The answer is in the YouTube! …

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Fest Jazz 2018 Presents The Chris Hayward 4

Chris Hayward is one of the UK’s foremost jazz violinists.


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Big Daddy Wilson Sings The Blues at Fest Jazz

Big Daddy Wilson was born over 50 years ago in a small town called Edenton,
North Carolina. Quitting school at 16, he joined the US Army in Germany,
where fell in love with the Blues.

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Fest Jazz 2018 Presents The Galaad Moutoz Swing Orchestra

French based Galaad Moutoz are dedicated to performing jazz and swing
dating back through the 1950s to the 1930s.

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Jazz In The Town Square, Châteauneuf Du-Foau, July 2018 …

… a Fest Jazz Interlude!


Peter M Butler
Editor Jazz&Jazz

YouTube © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz

Featuring “The Chromatics” at Fest Jazz 2018

Having featured Trevor Stent’s “Good Time Jazz Band” at Fest Jazz, what better next than to feature “The Chromatics”, also based in Brittany.

The Chromatics are…

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Why “Good Time Jazz” Takes Pride of Place in the Fest Jazz Pantheon

Launched back in 2005, Fest Jazz, Châteauneuf Du-Foau, was the inspirational brainchild of Brittany’s “Good Time Jazz Band”.

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