Jazz Art Gallery

Adrian Cox Jazz Painting


Adrian Cox
Double Take

J002. Amy Roberts and Adrian Cox – Reeds in Duet
J003. Amy Roberts on Saxophone – Amy’s Got Rhythm
J004. Annie Hawkins on Bass – Annie on Bass
J005. Barry Martyn – Barry Martyn at the 100 Club
J006. Betty Renz – Betty Renz Steals the Show
J007. Big Bill Bissonnette – Alias B3
J008. Bob Thomas – Bob Thomas of Thomcat Fame
J009. Brian Smith – Washboard Rhythm King
J010. Burt Butler – Burt on Banjo
J011. Chris Marchant – Sublime on Drums!
J012. Chris Tyle on Cornet – Head Honcho with Style
J013. Christine Woodcock – Mysterious Lady
J014. Cuff Billet – Cuff Billet on Trumpet
J015. Dave Arnold – The Clash of the Cymbals
J016. Dave Bartholomew – Let the Good Times Roll!
J017. Dave Rance’s Rockcin’ Chair Band – Let it Rip, Dave!
J018. Dom Pipkin – Dom Pipkin Pumps Piano
J019. Dr Michael White – Visitations
J020. Emile Martyn – Emile on Drums
J021. Emile Van Pelt and Eric Webster – Honky Tonk Time
J022. Esther O’Connor – Esther Enthralls Her Fans
J023. Frederic John on Trombone – Frog Islanders!
J024. Jim Hurd and John Whitehead
J025. Gerry Birch on Sousaphone – Jazz at The George
J026. Gordon Lawrence – Ensnared
J027. Grand Marshall Jimbo Heads the Parade – Good Time Jazz
J028. Greg Stafford – He Der Man!
J029. Hugh Masekela – The Coal Train
J030. Ivan Gandon on Saxophone – A Very Mean Sax
J031. John Pickett – Plays Trumpet for Recreation
J032. Johnny Rodgers – Passion Personified
J033. Joshua & Sandra Walker – Neighbours Well Met
J034. Katja Toivola on trombone at Donna’s Bar, New Orleans –
J035. Keith Minter – Measured Beat and Rolling Peal
J036. Laurie Fray on Clarinet – The Pinnacle of Passion
J037. Laurie Palmer – Drums on the Prom
J038. Leroy Jones at Donna’s Bar – Keeper of the Flame
J039. Lionel Ferbos – Long live Jazz, Long live Lionel Ferbos
J040. Mike Pointon – The Trombonist
J041. Pete Lay – Pete Lay on Drums
J042. Pete Smith – Come Join the Parade
J043. Ray Colyer – Take it away, Ray
J044. Roger Nicholls & Pat Elms – Strumming’ and a Drummin
J045. Sam Weller and Mark Alexander of Vocalion – Trombone and Drums
J046. Sammy Rimington on Clarinet – The Clarinetist
J047. Sammy Rimington – Take Two Sammys
J048. Sammy Rimington & Amy Roberts – Eyes on the Master
J049. The Fallen Heroes – Tony Rico, Paul Bonner & Ben Martyn – Sax. Trumpet and Bass
J050. Tim Curtis on Sousaphone – Tim on Tuba
J051. Tony Cunningham – Tony Cunningham Trombonist
J052. Tony O’Sullivan – Spotlight on the Trumpet
J053. Trefor Williams on Double Bass – Double Bass Ace