Recently I’ve been asking “Why Jazz&Jazz”? Why spend hours of my time producing Jazz&Jazz when there are a myriad other websites featuring Jazz? 

Please take time to read this post and then share your opinions in “Speak Your Mind”.

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Final Count Down for Fest Jazz 2019

Over the years Fest Jazz at Châteauneuf-du-Faou
has made its mark by featuring brilliant young bands
and musicians at the forefront of the current
resurgence in the popularity of jazz.

The festival programme and events are organised and administered by a team of talented young enthusiasts, advised and encouraged by Festival Director, Trevor Stent.

So over to Trevor and his Fest Jazz publicists! 

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Reminiscing with Chris Barber and East St Louis Toodle-Oo

Back in February, 2014, I launched my Jazz&Jazz YouTubes. I began with one of the most challenging of stage performances:
The Big Chris Barber Band at Wyllyotts Theatre, Potters Bar.

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Flashback to Fest Jazz, 2014: Tuba Skinny “Blood Thirsty Blues”

Tuba Skinny at Fest Jazz, July, 2014

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Multicoloured Shades of Jazz at Olney Jazz Club

Featuring a selection of Jazz&Jazz YouTubes of Graham Smith’s
phenomenal “7-piece outfit”
filmed on the night.


But first let’s introduce the band:

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Meet The Charlie Pyne Quartet

I was privileged to meet and film Charlie Pyne back in March, 2015, accompanying herself on bass along with Dave Keech’s “Close To The Bone Quintet” at The Walnut Tree, Blisworth.

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Jazz&Jazz Celebrates Savannah Jazz Band’s 40 Years in Jazz

… with Film & Photos

Brian ‘Sam’ Ellis (Trombone), John Meehan (Drums & Leader), Bill Smith (Cornet), Tony Pollitt (Bass), Roger Myerscough (Clarinet).

Introduction by Band Leader John Meehan


The Savannah Jazz Band was launched in Huddersfield in the Spring of 1979 and I joined in October, 1979, when the band played at a pub in Slaithwaite. Modest beginnings but early in 1980 we moved to the Station Tavern in Huddersfield, our successful residency for the
next 25 years.

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Reminiscing On Days Gone By …

I’m delighted to re-feature my YouTube featuring Ken Sims filmed at
Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle Jazz Club.

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An Appeal To Jazzers: Ease Up On Brexit

I have to admit to becoming increasingly concerned about the reaction of so many of my Jazz Friends to Brexit.
 I would say the majority are totally anti Brexit for very sincere reasons which I fully understand and empathise with. Yet we have to consider the future and the overriding geopolitical picture.

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Olney Jazz Club Presents Kim Cypher – Saxophonist, Vocalist and Composer!

8.00pm Tuesday 2nd April

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