Swansea International Jazz Festival 15th – 18th June

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The Swansea International Jazz Festival

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Fest Jazz 2017 Shaping Up To Be The Best Yet…!

For your fascination! Simply imagine your are already on the banks of The Aulne:

Chris Watford and Jackie Sims Pay Tribute to Ken Sims

Ken Sims

Mike Owen

Shortly after Ken Sims’ passing, Chris Gordon Watford asked me if I could “reclaim” footage filmed back in March, 2001, and reproduce it as a YouTube of Ken and Mike Owen playing with his New Orleans Standard Bearers at
Botany Bay Jazz Club.

Chris wrote “Mike Owen had just come back from playing professionally in New Orleans for eight years and was living in the West Midlands and complaining that none of the trumpeters up there had “any balls” as he put it! Ken Sims had never heard of him and it was worth studying Ken’s face when he suddenly realises he is sitting next to a trombonist who is something very special! Likewise when Mike Owen hears Ken blowing he cannot believe he’s playing with a trumpeter who is head and shoulders above what he’s found back in the UK!”

Thank you for the privilege, Chris, and here is the YouTube.

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Remembering Ken Sims

I’m sad to announce that Jazz UK has just lost another of its great maestros.
Ken Sims passed away in the night 28/29th March. 

Back in July last year Ken played at Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle Festival. But due to a mix up by the hotel for his overnight stay and subsequent transport problems, he stayed overnight at one of the Festival Organiser’s homes and it was my privilege to chauffeur him next morning back to Ramsgate for his journey back to London. Despite the problems, Ken was as patient, charming and kindly as any man I’ve known and shared with me wonderful snippets from his times in Jazz.

Here, Ken plays his beloved trumpet for one of the last times at the Ramsgate Shuffle Festival. The only opportunity I got to film the great man.

Jazz North West pays tribute to Ken.

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

(YouTube © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

On to a Winner! Jamie in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, Courtesy of British Airways


I think that’s the seat belt sign!

Fear not, Jamie’s in control!

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Sell your Vinyl and Help Support the National Jazz Archive


Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen “Sensation”

The National Jazz Archive holds the UK’s finest collection of written, printed and visual material on jazz, blues and related music, from the 1920s to the present day.

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Andrea Motis and Joan Chamorro CDs Reviewed by Paul Goddard

Andrea Motis, Joan Chamorro & Scott Hamilton

I consider myself fortunate to have had two CDs featuring Andrea Motis amongst my Christmas presents, and think them so good as to deserve to be better known,
hence this joint review.

Joan Chamorro and Andrea Motis ‘Feeling Good’

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“Sixty-five Years Listening to Jazz” (Just Jazz Magazine)

“Sixty-five Years Listening to Jazz” by Ted Griffin caught my eye in the March edition of
Just Jazz. Well worth a read and here are a few extracts.

Ottilie Patterson

“… I might have missed out on some visitors from across the Pond, but there was always the consolation of going to The Royal Festival Hall to hear … Chris Barber with Ottilie Patterson. I was not the only one to be amazed  that this petite, attractive, willow of a girl could produce such a magnificent blues voice, a voice, what was more, that carried such a depth of feeling. Seeing her from the cheapest seats where I sat, it was as if it were just a child upon the stage … to my mind, nobody on this side of the Atlantic has ever equalled Ottilie for the real blues … Bessie Smith in a double reincarnation.

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NJA Blue Plaques Mark UK’s Jazz Heritage

Based in Loughton Library in Essex, The National Jazz Archive holds the UK’s finest collection of written, printed and visual material on jazz, blues and related music, from the 1920s to the present day. Founded in 1988 by trumpeter Digby Fairweather, the Archive’s vision is to ensure that the rich tangible cultural heritage of jazz is safeguarded for future generations of enthusiasts, professionals and researchers.

In 2011 the Archive received a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to conserve and catalogue the collection with the focus on telling of the Story of British Jazz. As a result, many photographs, journals, documents and learning resources have been made available on the Archive’s website: www.nationaljazzarchive.co.uk .

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Noel McCalla and Derek Nash Live at Zedel, Sherwood Street, London

Enjoy an evening of jazz funk, fusion, soul and blues with Noel McCalla making his debut at Zedel with UK jazz saxophonist Derek Nash and his band at 

Crazy Coqs Cabaret Live at Zedel
20 Sherwood Street, London, W1F 7ED
Wednesday March 1st 2017 @ 9pm £20

Booking line: 020 7734 4888

Noel McCalla & Derek Nash

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