Count Down to Fest Jazz 2018 Announcing the Tal Ar Pont Prelude

Barely three weeks to go until the

Grand Fest Jazz launch at Tal Ar Pont

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Calling all Jazz&Jazz and Social Media Followers…

When I launched Jazz&Jazz back in 2009 and subsequently my related
Social Media and YouTube channels, I hadn’t anticipated that interest in my
‘Campaign for Jazz’ would reach such heights.

So much so that I’m concerned that the workload involved in keeping up with this increased online activity and the financial implications might result in the need to curtail aspects of my campaign.

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Featuring the Covent Garden Marching Band Heading the Parade for the 30th Annual Rent Collecting Ceremony

A Parade and Ceremony of

Spectacular Proportions



New Orleans Eat Your Heart Out!

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On Thursday 21 June 2018 The Covent Garden Marching Band Comes of Age for the 21st Annual Rent Collecting Ceremony and Big Parade.

A Parade and Ceremony of spectalar proportions so don’t miss out!

The ceremony starts at 4.30pm on Thursday, 21st June. But why not prepare for the fun by making a day of it in Covent Gardens.

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Max Collie Memorial Jazz Session at The 100 Club, Courtesy of Trevor Arnold!

This is sheer brilliance, kind courtesy of Trevor Arnold, especially as I was so distraught that
I couldn’t be there.

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Public Nominations open for Parliamentary Jazz Awards 2018


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Meanwhile I’m harassed!

UPDATE: The fault appears to be intermittent so I’ll hobble on till I can get a proper fix.

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

Jazz&Jazz… Harnessing Social Media


When I launched Jazz&Jazz in 2011 following a spectacular visit to New Orleans in 2010,
I had no concept of the looming impact of Social Media. My aim was, and still is, that Jazz&Jazz should become a force in helping keep jazz live and alive – also giving a boost to the “numerous younger bands and growing number of younger fans making their mark.”

Header to my Facebook Jazzers Group

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“Cheek to Cheek”: with Amy Roberts, Jim Douglas and Graham Smith’s Jazz Allsorts

Sit back and enjoy “Cheek to Cheek”!

It was wonderful to film Graham Smith’s Jazz Allsorts with guest stars Amy Roberts and
Jim Douglas at the Walnut Tree, Blisworth, on Sunday, 29th April. Special thanks go to
Amy, Jim and Graham for approving this YouTube.
And to Tad Newton for featuring the Allsorts at The Walnut.

Graham emailed me: “It is a rare privilege to play alongside Amy and Jim and I wouldn’t wish to deny others the opportunity to enjoy our combined efforts, faults and all – that’s live recordings. So if Amy is happy to see it released, I am too.”

Jim Douglas

During the session Graham recalled the days years back when a younger Amy visited a jazz club in Cornwall when he and the Allsorts were playing. She always asked if she could join in on a couple of numbers. He instantly recognised her talent and promise.

So, yes, sit back and enjoy “Cheek to Cheek”!

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

(Photos & YouTubes © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

Special Note to YouTube Buffs:
This YouTube was released only with the explicit permission of Amy Roberts.

JAZZ&JAZZ … Rebooting the Strategy!

Jazz&Jazz Features
 can have a far greater impact than
fleeting Social Media posts!


As Jazz&Jazz continues to grow I am reluctant to spend ever more hours reviewing and promoting events that Social Media already enables clubs, bands and musicians to promote for themselves. For instance, many already use my Facebook Jazzers Group for this purpose. In the UK there is also the monthly Just Jazz Magazine, The Jazz Guide and the Jazz Guide Website, not to mention other websites that carry comprehensive
lists of events.

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