Jazz Art & YouTubes & "Gripping Yarns"

Let Adrian Make Your Day with Clarinet Marmalade!

Adrian Cox (clarinet), Joe Webb (piano), Gethin Jones (drums), Simon Read (double bass).

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Jazz&Jazz Portraits of Father and Son, Barry and Emile… The Martyn Maestro Drummers

My visit to Mandeville’s Dew Drop Hall
back in 2010 was 
more than magical, 
it was golden

It was the inspiration for my jazz portraits posted over the years on Jazz&Jazz – nowadays somewhat superseded by my Jazz&Jazz YouTubes.

But more than that, it was my first opportunity to present to
Barry Martyn the fine art Giclée prints of a portrait I had
painted of him at The 100 Club in London, and of his son
Emile on drums, at “Jazz in the Barn” in Throwley, Kent, with
his “Fallen Heroes”.

Barry’s reaction? I will never forget it. He held up both portraits for the audience to see and declared “Peter has just given me these two remarkable portraits of myself and my son, Emile. Take a close look at them and you’ll see Emile is already going grey!”

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Jazz at The Walnut Tree with The Tenement Jazz Band

Down south from Edinburgh, the dynamic
Tenement Jazz Band are sure to liven up the
Walnut Tree’s Ellington Room with their
old style New Orleans music.

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As I get longer in the tooth…

I’m urged to recapture the interlude in my life when I delved into Art & Verse!

Midnight Light ©
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Sunday 9th February Lemsford Jazz Club Welcomes Back The Portobello Jazz Band

Live Jazz in the New Orleans tradition!

Sunday 9th February
1.00 – 4.00pm

A traditional New Orleans / Dixieland jazz band playing music from the 1920’s.

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Blowing the “Black Stick” in China

Douglas Mitchinson, “The foreign devil blowing a black stick!”

Douglas messaged me from China:

“We’re in lockdown mode due to the Coronavirus, so it’s a
great opportunity to get things done.

“Today I’ve scribbled a few words about me blowing the clarinet when I first arrived in China. There’s not much jazz, but then again jazz as we know it is virtually never heard.

“Anyway, make of it what you will, I include four photos to accompany the script.

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The Walnut Tree Welcomes The New Orleans Hot Shots Back to Blisworth

Dave Harmer: trombone, vocals; Ivan Huke: cornet, vocals; John Hale: clarinet, alto sax; Chris Reilley: piano keyboard; Ralph Hunt: banjo, vocals; Keith Chaplin: drums.

12 Noon Sunday 26th January

Sounds of the Crescent City!

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Burt Butler’s Jazz Pilgrims Usher in Jazz 2020 at Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle

Saturday 25th January 2020 at 12 Noon

Always popular at their East Kent stomping grounds and beyond, Burt and his Pilgrims are sure to get the 2020 Shuffle programme off to a resounding start.
Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

(Photos & YouTubes © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

Jazz&Jazz is grateful to Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle for their reciprocal support.

Setting the Pace for Fest Jazz 2020 24/25/26 July

Jazz&Jazz is delighted to share news about Fest Jazz 2020!

Fest Jazz welcomes back Sean Moyses!

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Live at The Walnut Tree, Blisworth, Noon, 12th January, Dennis Vick’s Fenny Stompers launch the 5th Decade of Tad Newton’s Sunday Lunch Time Jazz!

When Dennis Vick named his band Red River Stompers back in 1977 his wife suggested that as he was born in Fenny Stratford, the band should be renamed
The Fenny Stompers Jazz Band.

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