Plymouth Jazz Club’s November/December 2017 Programme

Founded 1984

Plymouth’s Premier Jazz Venue

Jazz&Jazz is delighted to support Plymouth Jazz Club.

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“Far Away Blues”: Mike Owen’s Scarlette’s Serenaders at The Walnut Tree

Jazz&Jazz YouTubes Series Part 13


Mike Owen’s Scarlette’s Serenaders
with Sarah Spencer


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Featuring Julian Marc Stringle: “Just Friends”

 By John Klena & Sam Lewis

Part 12 in the Jazz&Jazz YouTubes Series

Julian Marc Stringle

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Ben Holder Conjures Up A Touch of Beetle Mania

Golden Moments!

Part 11 in the Jazz&Jazz YouTubes Series

Ben Holder

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Remembering The Hemsby Autumn Jazz Parades

“Those were the days my friend,

“We thought they’d never end”


Part 10 in the Jazz&Jazz YouTubes Series

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Bix & Pieces Recapture W.C. Handy’s 1920’s Classic: “Ole Miss Rag”

Part 9 in the Jazz&Jazz YouTubes Series

Featuring Bob Dwyer’s Bix & Pieces


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Old Hat Jazz Band Makes the Jazz&Jazz YouTubes Series with “Lady Be Good”

The Old Hat Jazz Band

Featuring Jazz&Jazz YouTubes Part 8

Old Hat Jazz Band

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October/November Jazz in Blisworth, Northants, and in Olney, Bucks

Two great gigs, not to be missed!
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“Nuage” & “Minor Swing”: Renditions by Ben Holder in the Jazz&Jazz YouTubes Series

Jazz&Jazz YouTubes Part 7

Ben Holder Playing Django Reinhardt

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Continuing Jazz&Jazz YouTubes: The Adrian Cox Quartet – “Undecided”

Featuring Jazz&Jazz YouTubes Part 6


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