Malvern Abbey Jazz Club Honours Len and Betty Thwaites

Assisted by Phil, Len proudly presents his portrait painted by Alan Bateman …

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Jazz&Jazz Features Three Precocious Goslings!


Acrylics and YouTube explore Dimensions of Fun!

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Jazz&Jazz YouTubes Featuring The Sopranos at The Walnut Tree

The Sopranos is an exhilarating six piece jazz band, formed in 2015 by
reeds men
Chris Pearce and Andy Leggett.

Joseph Elliot Trudgeon

They play a wide variety of swinging jazz with influences ranging from New Orleans, to Arlo Guthrie, via Sydney Bechet, Johnny Dodds and Jimmy Noone.

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“Cold Morning Shout”: Remembering Tuba Skinny Magic at Fest Jazz, 2014

It was magical to film Tuba Skinny for a series of Jazz&Jazz YouTubes
during Fest Jazz, 2014, several of which I have featured on Jazz&Jazz.

Part 14 in the Jazz&Jazz YouTubes Series

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Olney Jazz Club Presents Greg Abate with Tad Newton’s Jazz Friends

Step into a fiery atmosphere of world class musicians
in the wonderful setting of Olney Jazz Club
at the Carlton House Club,
High St, Olney MK46 4BB

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Plymouth Jazz Club’s November/December 2017 Programme

Founded 1984

Plymouth’s Premier Jazz Venue

Jazz&Jazz is delighted to support Plymouth Jazz Club.

*** *** ***

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“Far Away Blues”: Mike Owen’s Scarlette’s Serenaders at The Walnut Tree

Jazz&Jazz YouTubes Series Part 13


Mike Owen’s Scarlette’s Serenaders
with Sarah Spencer


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Featuring Julian Marc Stringle: “Just Friends”

 By John Klena & Sam Lewis

Part 12 in the Jazz&Jazz YouTubes Series

Julian Marc Stringle

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Ben Holder Conjures Up A Touch of Beetle Mania

Golden Moments!

Part 11 in the Jazz&Jazz YouTubes Series

Ben Holder

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Remembering The Hemsby Autumn Jazz Parades

“Those were the days my friend,

“We thought they’d never end”


Part 10 in the Jazz&Jazz YouTubes Series

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