Jazz Art & YouTubes & "Gripping Yarns"

Jazz At The Pumphouse…

Local Board Road [off Lower High St], Watford WD17 2JP

Featuring Tad Newton’s JazzFriends

THURSDAY JANUARY 24th  8.15-11pm

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Presenting Plymouth Jazz Club’s December/January Programme

Founded 1984

Plymouth’s Premier Jazz Venue

Jazz&Jazz is delighted to support Plymouth Jazz Club.

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I launched Jazz&Jazz back in April 2011, inspired by a visit to the
2010 New Orleans
 French Quarter Festival.

Since then interest in the site has increased exponentially.

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Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle Welcomes Back The Tuxedo Jazz Band

Saturday 24th November 2018
12.00 noon •  Doors Open 11.30am

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Doolally Tap Delighted Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle Fans With A Fanfare of Solos

… as each musician took a turn in the spotlight at
Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle’s 2018 Summer Festival!

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Echoes of Jelly Roll Morton at Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle’s 2018 Festival

… performed by The Frog Island Jazz Band, July, 2018.

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“Coney Island Washboard” The Mama Shakers at Fest Jazz 2018


Especially for Trad Jazz Fans, a flashback to …

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“Smile Darn You Smile”: Bob Dwyer’s Bix & Pieces at Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle Summer 2018


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Jazz&Jazz Received A YouTube Boost Today!

Yours truly caught on camera filming for Jazz&Jazz YouTubes! 

Flashback to Summertime 2018 and The Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle Festival

Featuring Martin Bennett’s
Old Green River Jazz Men

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