Jazz Art & YouTubes & "Gripping Yarns"

“Nuage” & “Minor Swing”: Renditions by Ben Holder in the Jazz&Jazz YouTubes Series

Jazz&Jazz YouTubes Part 7

Ben Holder Playing Django Reinhardt

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Continuing Jazz&Jazz YouTubes: The Adrian Cox Quartet – “Undecided”

Featuring Jazz&Jazz YouTubes Part 6


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Northants Welcomes The Sussex Jazz Kings

Tad Newton’s Sunday Lunchtime Jazz on 8th October switched Blisworth venues
for a session in
The Royal Oak Barn, reminiscent of days gone by.

Stars of the show, The Sussex Jazz Kings.

Dave Stradwick (Trumpet & Leader), Iain McAuley (Trombone), Kevin Scott (Banjo), Bernard Stutt (Clarinet), Pete Lay (Drums), Peter Clancy (String Bass & Sousaphone)

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Featuring Treasured Jazz&Jazz YouTubes: Barry Palser Presents “That Dada Strain”


Barry Palser’s Super Six Jazz Band at Bedford Jazz Club

Part 3 in the New Series Featuring


Jazz&Jazz YouTubes

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Featuring Treasured Jazz&Jazz YouTubes: Denise Gordon and Roy Williams “Sugar”

Part 2 in a New Series Featuring


Jazz&Jazz YouTubes


Over the past three years I have travelled far and wide filming jazz bands and musicians at various venues including clubs, festivals, theatres and special events. In that time I have produced around 1,500 videos from which I have so far created well over 700 YouTubes. When time permits I enjoy browsing through them on my Jazz & Jazz YouTube Site. [Read more…]

Featuring Treasured Jazz&Jazz YouTubes: “Davenport Blues”

Part 1 in a New Series Featuring


Jazz&Jazz YouTubes


Alan Gresty and Tony Pitt

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More Gripping Yarns from Bygone Years: Rafts, Canoes, Row Boats & Show Business!

Early Days in Jazz

It was in the late 1950s/early 1960s, that I first took an interest in Jazz. Well I would, wouldn’t I – it was the popular music of the era. I remember especially one late night party thrown by in one of the grand old Georgian Terrace house on Herne Bay sea front. Two jazz hits played over and over again that night still haunt me – Miles Davis’s “Lift To The Scaffold” and Lonnie Donegan’s “Seven Golden Daffodils”.

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Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle’s Grand Finale: Bob Dwyer’s Bix & Pieces

Bob Dwyer (tbn); Chez Chesterman (tpt); Andy Cresswell (clt); David Price bnj/gui; John Bayne (b/b.sax); Graham Collicate (dms below); Hugh Crozier (pno).

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Robin Beame’s Imperial Jazz Band: Music Maestro Please. But Don’t Neglect The Humour!

More Festival Magic
At Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle!


With Robin Beame and his Imperials! Humour, fun, and repartee
on Saturday, 15th July, in The Small Boat Owners Club.
Jazz fans “over bored”? No chance during this session!

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Jazz&Jazz Values NJA’s Permission to share their Monthly Newsletter

Welcome to our July 2017 Newsletter

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