Jazz Art & YouTubes & "Gripping Yarns"

The Frog Island Jazz Band Are At Lemsford Jazz Club Sunday 12th May


Lemsford Jazz Club fans always gives a huge welcome to The Frog Island Jazz Band
and their 1920s/30s nostalgia.

Candy Lips (1920s):

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Jazz&Jazz YouTubes – Sponteneity or Perfection?

Over a number of years I have filmed for Jazz&Jazz YouTubes at a variety of venues including clubs, festivals, theatres and special occasions. None are rehearsed studio productions. All capture the spontaneity of the events and performances.
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Jazz&Jazz YouTubes Featuring The Woburn Seven …

… filmed in the Ellington Room, The Walnut Tree, Blisworth,
Easter Sunday, April 2019.

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Fest Jazz’s Trevor Stent Presents “Jazz at the School”

Just today I signed an online petition entitled

“Don’t Cut BBC Jazz Now!”

But how about Jazz in UK Schools? So sadly lacking!
Should we not follow the outstanding example of an Englishman in France?

Youth in Jazz: Joan Chamorro’s Sant Andreu Jazz Band (Fest Jazz, 2014)

Trevor Stent’s Good Time Jazz has for years organised a project in Brittany:
“Jazz at the School”.

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It’s Spring so Treat Me Kind and Make Someone Happy…

Elaine and Richard

An Invite from Cool Jazz Collective in The Ellington Room…

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The Savannah Jazz Band Back At The Bedford Thursday 28th March

8.00 pm Thursday 28th March

A special evening of the very best in New Orleans jazz!

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Jazz&Jazz YouTube: “Climax Rag” Featuring Ken Sims and Mike Owen

Mike Owen

Ken Sims









Extracted from an historic concert video filmed for Chris Watford and presented to
Jazz&Jazz with the express request that it be edited and converted for YouTubes to be featured on Jazz&Jazz.

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Ben Holder at Fest Jazz 2016…

Trevor Stent commented “Ben Holder was so well received, he is an extraordinary talent!”

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Doolally Tap Live for a Full House at Bedford Golf Club…

“Doolalley Tap’s infectious foot stomping live shows have taken the London vintage scene by storm, quickly establishing them as the band that most accurately evokes the bold, brassy, blues infused spirit of the 1920’s New Orleans Jazz Age.”

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Sunday 3rd March: Join Mike Owen’s Scarlette’s Serenaders…

In The Ellington Room

The Walnut Tree, Blisworth

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