“Filling the Coronavirus Void” Continued…

On 31st March I posted the first feature in my Jazz&Jazz series subtitled
“Jazz&Jazz confronts the Coronavirus Plague!”

In it I announced my intention to launch a sequence of posts presenting my Jazz&Jazz YouTubes with the introduction: “Over the past five years I have filmed over 400 YouTubes featuring live jazz at a variety of events and locations. To date these have been viewed by 900 thousand plus jazz enthusiasts. I have already featured selections of these on Jazz&Jazz.”

Now my plan is to re-feature these YouTubes in a series of posts here on Jazz&Jazz, shared across my Social Media links, to help mitigate the ongoing void of live jazz.

Brian Carrick

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China has questions to answer over COVID-19!

Why take time and space to post this on Jazz&Jazz?

Because for the duration, however long that may be,
live jazz everywhere is a no go due to Covid-19.
Will “everywhere” include China?

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Filling the Void!

Jazz&Jazz confronts the Coronavirus Plague!

As fortune would have it, over the past few weeks at uncomfortable expense I have invested in ground breaking new equipment and software to upgrade my Jazz&Jazz features, YouTubes and promotions.

But to what avail, I asked myself, come the Coronavirus shut down. How long will it be before I can film live jazz again and even recoup my outlay?

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Such Memories! Covent Garden Marching Band Days…

The April issue of Jazz&Jazz Magazine featured memories of The Covent Garden Marching Band. Jazz&Jazz was privileged to cover this memorable annual jazz event for a number of
years until its demise in 2018.

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Long Live London’s Legendary 100 Club

“Musicians have welcomed plans to give London’s legendary 100 Club special status as part of a move to protect grassroots venues.”
(Editorial, Just Jazz Magazine, April 2020)

A very welcome announcement indeed bringing a chink of cheer to UK jazz in the midst of the Coronavirus Plague.

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When Art&Verse Merged with Jazz&Jazz …

My visit to Mandeville’s Dew Drop Hall back in 2010
was more than magical.

It was the inspiration for two of my jazz portraits,
Barry and Emile Martin.
More than that, it was my first opportunity to present to Barry the fine art Giclée prints of a portrait I had painted of him back at The 100 Club in London, and of his son Emile on drums at “Jazz in the Barn” in Throwley, Kent, with his “Fallen Heroes”. Barry’s reaction? I will never forget it. He held up both portraits for the audience to see and declared “Peter has just given me these two remarkable portraits of myself and my son, Emile. Take a close look at them and you’ll see Emile is already going grey!”

Later Barry wrote a letter to me urging me “to keep doing what you are doing for jazz”. I’m still striving to, Barry.

I penned two poems to accompany the Giclée Prints of the portraits:

For Barry

Barry Martyn at the 100 Club
Hail to a Legend of Jazz
And showman supreme
Whose flare and pizzaz
Revived the New Orleans Dream.

This was during Barry’s very last visit to London and appearance at The 100 Club. I will never forget his departing words to his UK fans … that despite his New Orleans’ drawl he was a Londoner:
“In fact I was conceived under that grand piano!”

For Emile

Emile on Drums
Good time Jazz in deepest Kent
With New Orleans beat to turn up the heat.
Emile on drums, inspired, intense,
A Fallen Hero with the world at his feet.

Emile has since urged me to “keep doing what you are doing”.

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

(Photos & Prints © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

Hornchurch Jazz Club Swings into Springtime…

Sunday Night Jazz in March & April

8.30 / 11.00pm

8th March – Bob Dwyer’s Bix & Pieces. Bob Dwyer playing trombone leads his popular band with Max Emmons trumpet and blues harmonica, and Bernie Holden reeds. The band plays mainly in the style of the legendary Bix Beiderbecke.
Miss this event? Never fear – Jazz&Jazz to the rescue!

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Announcing a Fest Jazz Fiesta of Talent: 24/25/26 July 2020

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“Shades of Miles”at Olney Jazz Club 8.00pm Tuesday 3rd March …

A Touch of Magic with Paul Higgs
and the Chris Ingham Trio on the night plus a magical Olney Flash Back!

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Tad Newton’s Jazzfriends Feature “Basin Street to Harlem”at The Walnut, Blisworth

12.30 – 3.00pm Sunday 1st March in
The Ellington Room

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