Sunday, 12th August: Henry Harrison’s Hot Shots Second Coming …

… to Lemsford Jazz Club due to overwhelming popularity!


They’re Red Hot! Here’s why!

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Mama Shakers Help Launch Fest Jazz with their “Refreshingly Dynamic Approach”


Fans packed into the Scene 2 Marquee at Fest Jazz 2018 for the
Paris based “Mama Shakers”.

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Lamentations – Urgent Message, Temporary Shut Down!

To all my Jazz Friends – it seems I will have to sign off until my new laptop is set up – I’m hoping sometime this week. Reason being, my “temporary fix’ (old caput laptop linked to my wife Ginny’s computer) is no longer working efficiently, overheating due to the high temperatures, and is far too slow in producing YouTubes from my MP4 files. Frustrating and such a pity because I filmed so many wonderful sessions at Fest Jazz end of July and at Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle before that. Sincere apologies – I hope to be up and running again by the end of this week. What’s that saying about the heart growing fonder?

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

Fest Jazz Frolics with Tad Newton’s Jazz Friends…


Yes, it rained, but not nearly enough to dampen spirits, nor to squelch applause for
Tad Newton’s Jazz Friends and “Watermelon Man” at Fest Jazz, 2014!

Enjoy the YouTube!

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Introducing Plymouth Jazz Club’s August/September 2018 Programme

Founded 1984

Plymouth’s Premier Jazz Venue

Jazz&Jazz is delighted to support Plymouth Jazz Club.

*** *** ***

Sunday, August 5th • 7.00 for 7.30pm

Derek Nash, Martin Dale and the Craig Milverton Trio

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The Shake’Em Up Jazz Band – Star Performers at Fest Jazz 2018

The Shake ‘Em Up Jazz Band: left to right Haruka Kikuchi (trombone), Marla Dixon (trumpet), Chloe Feoranzo (clarinet), Defne Incirlioglu (washboard), Molly Reeves (guitar), Julie Schexnayder (bass)

Festival Organiser Trevor Stent messaged me: “For me the Shake’Em Up Band is the best band in the world at the moment (big statement but I believe it)”. So I counted it a massive privilege to film much of Shake’Em Up’s main marquee concert at Fest Jazz 2018.

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Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle Festival 2018 Presented …

… Seven Great Bands along with Panoramic Views accompanied by:

BurtButler’s Jazz Pilgrims on Weatherspoons’ Rooftop!

Jazz&Jazz is pleased to present this interim YouTube before heading off to another
festival assignment this weekend.

Come back soon for more great Shuffle YouTube features!

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

(Photos & YouTubes © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

Fest Jazz 2018 Final Count Down: See These Great Bands Live!

Not booked in yet, here’s what you’ll miss!

The Full Programme at a glance!

Be sure to view more!

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Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle 2018 & Weatherspoons Present Glorious Panoramic Jazz with Burt Butler’s Jazz Pilgrims

Jazz on the Rooftop with the Jazz Pilgrims!

What better way to celebrate the success of Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle’s 2018 sunshine festival than with East Kent based Burt Butler’s Jazz Pilgrim’s rooftop concert with special courtesy of Ramsgate’s brand new Weatherspoons.
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Captured for YouTubes at The Jazzeco Festival…

Ginny and I were privileged to be invited to the inaugural Jazzeco Festival in the grounds of picturesque Harlington Manor, Bedfordshire, on Saturday, 7th July.

“Britain’s first fully vegan eco-friendly jazz festival, Jazzeco featured a distinguished lineup of top jazzers against the stunning backdrop of 14th century Harlington Manor, a grade II listed building. Fabulous vegan food, beer and wine stalls, and quirky craft offerings combined to create a memorable first for the national jazz scene!”

The sun shone and the fans amassed to enjoy the jazz and the plentiful Vegan food and refreshments – or simply to wander around the stalls with their resplendent displays. And I filmed for posterity! [Read more…]