“St James Infirmary”: Dave Ware’s Hotshots at Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle

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“Shake ‘Em Up” Packed In the Fans and Dancers at Fest Jazz, 2018

Festival Organiser Trevor Stent messaged me:
“For me the Shake’Em Up Band is the best band in the world at the moment (big statement but I believe it)”.

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Jazz&Jazz Received A YouTube Boost Today!

Yours truly caught on camera filming for Jazz&Jazz YouTubes! 

A Plea! Jazzers, Speak Your Mind Here First – On Jazz&Jazz …

… and if you are so inclined only after that
on Facebook!

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“Deed I Do”: Martin Bennett’s Old Green River Band at Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle

Today is a cold and stormy early October day!

Quite a shock to the aging bones after our long hot summer!
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Flashback to Summertime 2018 and The Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle Festival

Featuring Martin Bennett’s
Old Green River Jazz Men

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Jonny Hepbir Quartet – Set to Raise the Roof in Ashford

The Jonny Hepbir Quartet have been playing together worldwide for nearly 10 years and use an all-acoustic line-up of guitars, double bass and vocals – playing all the songs you love with their own unique twist.

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Fest Jazz Is Unique … and yet Needs Help! Here’s Why!

The cry to attract youngsters back to jazz resonates ever louder. Jazz fans, it’s happening, as is evident from many features posted here on Jazz&Jazz. Not more so than at a jazz festival in the north-west of France launched back in 2005 by English jazz musician and band leader, Trevor Stent.

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“Bei Mir Bist Du Schön” (To Me You Are Beautiful) …

Tad Newton’s Jazzfriends captivate
Scene 2 fans at Fest Jazz 2018.

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Calling All Jazz Fans: Fest Jazz Needs Your Help! Here’s Why and How!

Help Save Fest Jazz

Pictureque Chateau Neuf du Foau overlooking Fest Jazz

“It was the only rainy weekend of the summer and it had to be during Fest Jazz!”

“For the festival it was a catastrophe. On the Sunday 29th July we had only 402 spectators who braved the appalling wind and rain whereas in 2017 (and previous years) we had around 1100.

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