In Lieu of Live Jazz 10: “Buddy’s Habit”

Jazz&Jazz continues to help compensate for the
Coronavirus Live Jazz Blackout
with selections from our earlier live jazz YouTubes. Enjoy!

We’ve all heard of King Oliver’s “Dippermouth Blues”, “Canal Street Blues” and “Chimes Blues”,
but how about “Buddy’s Habits”?
The Frog Islander Jazz Band
performed this lesser known
King Oliver number at Olney Jazz Club
on 2nd April, 2014.

“It was actually composed not by King Oliver but by Arnett Nelson and Charlie Straight in 1923. Charlie Straight’s Orchestra recorded it in June that year; and it caught on. King Oliver went on to record it with his band in October that year; and then The Midway Dance Orchestra also
recorded it in December.”
(Courtesy of Pops Coffee)

Peter M Butler

(YouTube © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

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