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Jazz&jazz.com features all of my promotions in support of Jazz.
Posts and media appear on Jazz&Jazz before being shared on my associated
Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTubes).

But statistics demonstrate that the most followed and effective way to promote bands, musicians, clubs and festivals is to feature my high quality Jazz&Jazz YouTubes here on Jazz&Jazz and then share them across my Social Media links.

At the time of posting this, my YouTubes have over 1,300 subscribers and well over half a million views.
Simply click on this link to delve into the contents and join in the fun.

A Request!
From time to time I support fundraisers for bands, clubs and festivals on Social Media, including my own Social Media sites. Now it has to be my turn! I fund over 90% of my activities in support of jazz out of my own pocket and I simply cannot continue to do so. So it’s countdown time to severely consider rationing my promos for jazz.

Please use the Donate Button in the right hand column of each Jazz&Jazz page.
Your help will be hugely appreciated by me and I’m sure by followers of Jazz&Jazz.

Peter M Butler
Editor Jazz&Jazz

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