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The current Facebook Jazzers Group Masthead features Tuba Skinny.

Social Media is increasingly integral to successfully promoting jazz, including this Jazz&Jazz website. So its time to update earlier posts about Jazz&Jazz Social Media links. And what better way than to feature them here on Jazz&jazz as well as on my
Facebook Jazzers Group.


Dear Jazzers


I launched the Facebook Jazzers Group back in July, 2012, since when Topsy isn’t the word! Membership of the group is now worldwide, with posts from musicians, bands, clubs, festivals and fans on all continents. I view all posts – a few, very few, I even delete. But I would be very hard pressed to comment on them all. So forgive me for that. And anyway, comments from members are proliferating. That’s what Jazzers is all about. One way of putting it is that the Jazzers Group is a Worldwide Online Jazz Club. Or even a Worldwide Online Jazz Festival. In some ways a very unique group!

“Jazzers aims to promote and share jazz news and views and is dedicated to keeping jazz LIVE AND ALIVE, especially by spotlighting our emerging new generation of bands, musicians and fans!”

I have launched the following websites to reinforce my campaign for jazz:

My Jazz&Jazz Flagship Website: http://www.jazzandjazz.com
My YouTube Site: (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbyqlX9cd5D7h2FpXsdS7BQ…)

Jazz&Jazz on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CelebratingJazz?ref=tn_tnmn
LinkedIn: (https://goo.gl/Nr0NzM)
Twitter (https://twitter.com/CelebratingJazz)

The Facebook Jazzers Group Masthead.

Plus, if you are already a member, the aforesaid Facebook Jazzers Group!

Finance and funding is always an issue. There is a discreet little Donate Button in the right hand column throughout the site: http://www.jazzandjazz.com
I am immensely thankful to those who have contributed to date.

In keeping with my aim to keep jazz LIVE AND ALIVE I appeal to Jazzers Group Members not to feature too many YouTubes and clips from the past. Other groups specialise in this, and with so much current jazz to feature, why take up space on Jazzers.

Certain posts on Jazzers might not be to everyone’s taste – it gets down to those old divides, for instance: “New Orleans Revivalist Jazz”, Traditional Jazz, Mainstream Jazz and even Modern Jazz (plus variations on all these themes!). But as a Facebook Group, Jazzers is fleeting. What is posted today might be way down the list tomorrow. So I don’t intend to take time censoring posts unless they are totally beyond the pale.

The more members of Jazzers who write and comment on posts the better. Even more gratifying would be your views in the Comments sections below each feature on my Jazz&Jazz website: www.jazzandjazz.com.

Remember, Jazzers is dedicated to keeping jazz LIVE AND ALIVE, especially by spotlighting our new generation of bands, musicians and fans! Please get involved. Support JAZZ&JAZZ AND JAZZERS!

Thank you!
Peter Mark Butler


“By far the best Jazz Gathering on this Planet, Peter! You are one of a kind and dedicated to your wonderful website.” IVAN HALLORAN
“You do grand job, thank you.” DAVE BROWNING
“Keep up the great and invaluable work, Peter.” PETER TREGER
“More power to your elbow.” ALICE LOVELL
“I am so pleased I joined Jazzers. For the past 70+ years I have followed Traditional Jazz. I still love it but you, Peter Mark Butler, have introduced me to many younger and brilliant bands, for which I am grateful for. Thank you.” ANONYMOUS
“Jazz&Jazz and Jazzers have been an invaluable platform for news about young bands and musicians. It’s a great way for organisers like me to know what is going on! The enthusiasm of Peter Butler is inspirational and infectious and has certainly done much to boost the reputation of Fest Jazz beyond the boundaries of Brittany. Long may the sites continue and flourish!” TREVOR STENT
“Thank you Peter. It is through the members of our group, Jazzers, that these opportunities become possible. In forming the group, you have made it accessible for budding musicians to be “on show” to a wide variety of people with a common interest, namely our type of jazz. You must be very proud of the way your efforts are being rewarded.” IVAN HALLORAN

For background information read:
“Analysing the Jazz Scene” (http://www.jazzandjazz.com/?p=2475
“Just Jazz Features Jazz&Jazz” (http://www.jazzandjazz.com/?p=1959).

Just for good measure, a sample of just one Jazz&Jazz YouTube. Enjoy!

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