Jazz&Jazz Photo Story: The Sussex Jazz Kings with Guest Stars at The Winning Post

Jazz&Jazz Photographer, Laurence Cumming, scooped The Sussex Jazz Kings with special guest stars at The Winning Post, Twickenham, on Thursday, 17th March.


Ian McAulay (Trombone), Dave Stradwick (Cornet), Pete Clancy (Sousaphone), Bernie Stutt (Clarinet), Pete Lay (Drums), Kevin Scott (Banjo)







(Photos by Laurence Cumming©Jazz&Jazz)

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  1. JOHN RUSSELL says:

    Great photos. I do take some photos at Electric Palace Cinema in Harwich, but the promoter who is Dr.Chris Strachan said I can not go up to stage and take photos as the audience would complain; so I stand at end of the isle and take my photos. If you like I can email some photos if they are still on my computer; as due to space left I do delete some after a while.
    Let me know your views so I can mail you. Bear in mind that my Canon EOS100D slr camera makes each image about 5 mb in size. I can reduce a bit on Picasa, thanks for your good website.
    Best wishes to you, regards. I do NOT have a website; however my account on Youtube so far has 20610 total views of all my v ideos # see user # tradjazzer #

  2. Peter Butler says:

    Hi John – if only I had the time I would consider your photos but quite frankly it is hard enough keeping up with all that I do already as Jazz&Jazz plus YouTubes and Social Media links keep me 100% plus busy. Best wishes, Peter

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