Slide by Slide “Wing It” At The Bedford Golf Club with YouTubes!


Slide by Slide’s description of themselves as “A new and innovative band playing a wide variety of jazz in an entertaining and lively format” is spot on and their performance at
The Bedford Golf Club 
on 29th May received huge acclamation.

 So did they really “wing it”?

Well, not musically, but most certainly the brilliant Kevin Grenfell did with his off the cuff humour which made the show all the more entertaining. Mind you, he was kept in check by Richard Leach and the rest of the band – to a degree that is, because much of the time, along with the fans, they egged him on!


Slide by Slide features: Kevin Grenfell (trumpet), Richard Leach (trombone), John Fellows (bass), Graham Smith (drums) and Rod Kelly (piano). And thanks go to Tad Newton and The Bedford Golf Club for putting on the show.


A magical evening! So what better way to celebrate it than with these two “expressive” YouTubes.


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  1. Hello Peter, many thanks for your kind words about ‘Kevin Grenfell & Richard Leach Slide By Slide’ after our recent concert at Bedford Golf Club. We had a ball and your excellent video clips of a couple of our numbers are a good encapsulation of what the evening was about. Good fun allied to good music. The audience were behind us all the way………but we manged to shake them off at Northampton on the journey home. Boom Boom!
    Seriously though, you’re providing a great service, very well done and keep it up.
    Best wishes Richard Leach

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