Time for a makeover, Trefor? And a new portrait featuring your double bass and “crown of splendour”!

Trefor "Fingers" Williams, Double Bass Ace

I was inspired to paint this portrait of Trefor Williams on Bertha, his double bass, by his intensely passionate performances at the 2008 Ken Colyer Trust Jazz Parade. But times have moved on since then and perhaps, Trefor, it’s time for a new portrait featuring your splendid mane of white hair – your “crown of splendour”! After all, it’s become quite a talking point in jazz circles!

At the Canterbury Festival with Sammy Rimington and Eric Webster

So, Jazz fans and especially Trefor’s fans, don’t forget, commissions and sales of my Jazz&Jazz paintings and fine art prints help me to finance this website and contribute towards the costs of featuring more bands, clubs and musicians. So should any of you like the idea of a new portrait of Trefor, please let me know and I’ll be delighted to press ahead with it. Just email me at:
[email protected]

Slap-bass playing with Max Collie's Rhythm Aces

Come to that, should anyone be interested in any of the jazz portraits and fine art prints displayed under JAZZ ART, please do email me with your choices.

The more I sell the merrier my Crusade for Jazz!

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(Photos © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

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