Bill Freeman Back at the Peartree by Popular Demand

Bill Freeman’s New Orleans Happy Jazz Band will star again at The Peartree Monday Night Jazz Club, Welwyn Garden City, this coming Monday, 16th April. Always favourites with the fans, a good turn out is expected for the band’s exhilarating repertoire of traditional jazz. An evening not to be missed!

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  1. Edward Black says:

    Dear Peter
    It is great what you are already achieving. You should be able to recruit the erstwhile Ken Colyer Trust members who have stopped going to the same excellent functions run by Pete Lay. So disappointing:- Ken like Humph is dead but it is important that our music live on and musicians and great occasions continue.
    I would like to contribute financially but living in Australia my pension has been frozen – if I lived in the USA or India it would receive increments – Google “British Pensioners in Australia” for confirmation!

  2. Peter Butler says:

    Dear Edward
    Thanks so much for your encouragement and you can be sure I’ll continue to strive to develop and widen the scope Jazz&Jazz in support of New Orleans jazz despite the current difficult economic circumstances. It’s as difficult for the musicians as it is for me. Nor is it easy for the fans nowadays.

    Just last weekend a friend from Brisbane phoned me and told me about the pension problems you are facing. He himself is Australian but sympathises. He mentioned too that immigrants to Australia have to declare and are taxed on earnings made anywhere else in the world. At least I suppose that helps the Aussie economy and public services.

    But thanks especially for even considering Jazz&Jazz worth supporting. Lets hope the sale of my portraits and fine art prints picks up so that I can, in the words of Barry Matryn to me, “keep doing what I am doing”.


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